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        Shiloh Miriam 
                A Jewish Descendant of the Anousim of Portugal.


Return of the    Bnei Anousim

“And this exiled host of the children of Israel who are [with] the Canaanites as far as Zarephath (France) and the exile of Jerusalem

which is in Sepharad (Portugal-Spain) shall inherit the cities of the southland (Negev).”

Obadiah -1:20


Shiloh Miriam hails from Lisbon, Portugal and relentlessly work in facilitating recognition of these 'Returnees' to their Jewish Roots working closely with Rabbi Yehoram Ulman from the Sydney Beit Din in Australia.

The main aim and vision of Shiloh work is to bring awareness of the phenomenon of the return of the Bnei Anousim within the worldwide existing Jewish Communities in order to improve knowledge and more acceptance towards the Bnei Anousim who seek to reconnect and re-claim their Jewish Identity forcibly taken away from their ancestors.

Conferences & Symposiums

Presenting the History, Anthropology and Halahik aspects can be presented to the masses and increase awareness of Bnei Anousim and a focus on Portuguese Jewish History and Inquisition which is often forgotten and not widely taught as much as the Spanish Inquisition. Introduce all the available and reliable sources to help Bnei Anousim to Return with a recognised Beit Din.

Facebook Group 

To gather Bnei Anousim and Jews to connect and exchange stories and information with daily information posted that can assist  Bnei Anousim ways to reconnect, learn Jewish and share Bnei Anousim Traditions, DNA researches and other topics relevant to there return.


To gather support for Bnei Anousim to have an easier return considering their emotional component of their tragic story and difficult return which encounters many times rejection and suspicion.

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First Rabbinical Committee Ruling for Bnei Anousim Return

Pledge to make rulings relating to to the descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jewish communities (otherwise known as Anousim, Conversos, Crypto-Jews and Marranos) to return according to their ancestors  Sefardi Traditions & be called 'Returnees' rather then "Geirs", between other initiatives.

Cooperate with existing Sefardi Beni Anousim mtDNA Research 

Dr. Ines Nogueiro from Ipatimup in Portugal and Professor Dr. Karl Skorecki Bar-Allan University in Israel

Shiloh advocated on behalf of the Bnei Anousim with the scientists above named if it would be possible to extend their current research on the following aspects:

  • Extended current Research a 'PHASE 2 - Sefardi Diaspora Database'

to which would allow:

  • Increase and collect more DNA data from Bnei Anousim in countries outside the Iberian Peninsula;

  • allow people who suspect to have Anusim ancestry without strong evidences to participate on this database 


This could potentially help to assist identify DNA connections with the current research being undertaken by Dr. Ines Nogueiro with currently only using database from Portugal cases of people that have certain of having Jewish Anousim Ancestry.


Several initiatives currently under development with Israeli Government and Organisations in Israel and Portugal.

Coming Up Soon 




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'Convert or Die': From the Fires of Inquisition to Egypt & Melbourne Jack Aghion Family True Story & Resilience to Survive

AUG 28 | 8PM - 9:30PM



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